Medical FAQ

Why do you send medical trips and how can I help?

Many of our communities have inadequate medical care. Even when medical care is available, community members often have to travel distances that are too far due to financial and physical limitations. And others are refused medical care because of religious tensions. Your skills fill a huge need by bringing medical care to the people, no matter who or where they are.

How will I be prepared to serve in medical areas outside of my expertise?

You will be thoroughly briefed and trained by medical professionals on the types of sicknesses you might encounter and will be given a list of medications to prescribe for specific illnesses.

Will I have adequate support?

You will have both medical and non-medical team members that are all committed to serving your patients and each other.

Will I be working in sanitary conditions?

You will be working in second and third world countries and among the poor. While the conditions of the people and facilities are not to the standards to which you may be accustomed, we attempt to make the environment as safe as possible.

What if I encounter illnesses with which I am not familiar?

You will not be asked to treat an illness with which you are unfamiliar but you will have support and help from the body of knowledge and experience of the team. One of the specific growth areas of these trips is reliance on God for wisdom in uncomfortable situations.

What about language issues?

Each team works with translators to bridge the gap between patient and trip participants.