Over the past two years, global(x) has been vetting Lifewater as a potential global(x) Partner. Their strategy to address the global water crisis is unique, inspiring, and truly helps communities lift themselves out of poverty.

When people are healthy, children do not miss school, parents are able to work, moms do not have to walk long distances to access water, and lives are not lost because of waterborne diseases. It is staggering to think that every 60 seconds a child under the age of five dies from a preventable waterborne disease.

Lifewater is truly a best in class organization, and it has been a joy developing a relationship with them.

About Lifewater Trips:

Lifewater trips will focus on developing leaders that will develop their communities. Teams will visit a community where Lifewater serves in order to understand the context of their work, then help facilitate 4–5 day leadership training.

More about the trips

Mandatory Training:
In order to qualify to be on this team, you must attend a mandatory Lifewater training hosted at North Point Community Church. Training is June 15–16.

Trip Dates:

  • Trip 1: September 13–22
  • Trip 2: September 20–29

Who is ideal for this trip? 

  • Heart of a teacher
  • Good at facilitating conversations
  • Extremely flexible
  • Physically able to travel long distances
  • Willing to serve in the developing world (accommodations may be very simple)
  • Served on a previous global(x) trip

If you are interested in being considered for a Lifewater trip, please provide your information below.