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There is debate on who painstakingly birthed our favourite monumental flavor creation into existence. What really matters is that, at the end of the day, we can collectively relish in the sweet glory of it all. From beef-to-bun ratio, ‘how much is too much?’ cheese, and the careful alchemy of condiments, every cheeseburger is a small mountain of heaven.

Any day without a cheeseburger in it is a waste. You can find a cheeseburger no matter where you go in the world, so you have no excuse to miss out on the glory that some people can only dream of. Step up to the plate.


What makes a great staff . . . great? What causes people to look at your organization and think, Now there's a team that knows how to work together? What's the secret to becoming a productive, relationally healthy organization? The answers to these questions are found in one simple habit that every leader and organization can embrace immediately.


There are five ideas Andy Stanley can't shake, five thoughts typed up large and loud on slips of paper plastered on the bookshelves in his study—pivotal concepts that when addressed could shape the church and the communities we live in. What are they? What do they mean for you . . . and your team?


The Power of Momentum series takes a practical approach to unlocking the secrets of creating and sustaining momentum. Through examples and application, you will learn the systems and tactics that fuel personal, organizational, and ministry progress.