Returning to East Asia

It was such a blessing to be a part of a team of nine to serve in East Asia in July! My mom even joined me this year, experiencing her first mission trip and first trip to Asia.

Asia is beginning to feel like a home away from home, since it was my third time serving there. The teachers and children are like family. It’s overwhelming to feel the love from our brothers & sisters in Christ from across the globe.

For those of you who don’t know much about our trip, we spend ten days serving in an orphanage with children who have special needs. We plan curriculum and get to have fun and love on the kids. Some of the highlights include sharing daily devotions with the teachers and growing deeper in our relationship with God.

This trip naturally caught my attention, since I am an Asian American working as a pediatric physical therapist in Atlanta. However, from our diverse team, I’ve discovered that the trip is so much more than utilizing my skills. Although teachers and therapists are fitting for this trip, other team members, with various backgrounds, have been a huge blessing to the children and staff.

My husband, who is an engineer, has a great enthusiasm with the kids. In fact, one of the girls remembered him from last year and bolted through the door to embrace him.

Experiencing deeper relationships with the teachers was one of the highlights of this trip for me. I worked closely alongside one of the trained physical therapists and I felt honored that he wanted to take my lead and learn from me. God has prepped me for each trip I have been on. Last year many of the children were going through a specific, and intensive, physical therapy after surgery. Fortunately, I had just researched that particular type of surgery about a week before the trip! This year, I had just been trained on how to create customized splints and casts a few months prior to the trip. When I arrived, one of the kids needed splints for both his arms and legs! I love how God is so purposeful!

I hope that, through my story, you now have greater awareness of globalX’s East Asia trip. As you can imagine, it’s challenging to summarize such an impactful trip in a few words. Whether or not you choose to travel to Asia, please keep this trip in your prayers. We are grateful that God has already blessed this organization with some amazing leaders, teachers, translators, children, and teams. This organization continues to have a special place in my heart. I hope that I can go back each year if it’s in God’s plan.