August Missionary Spotlight

This month we travel to Cambodia to learn more about one of our missionaries, the Chung family, and their impact on the people of Cambodia.

This month we travel to Cambodia to learn more about one of our missionaries, the Chung family, and their impact on the people of Cambodia.

What are you doing in Cambodia?

Church Ministry
We started our church ministry two years ago with a very small startup of local Khmer university students who met together every Sunday to worship God. This group has grown to have 40 adults and 60 kids who come to church to hear about Jesus. I recently went through a series that Pastor Andy did in America but contextualized it for the Khmer culture and their faith. In addition to this, we went through North Point’s “Starting Point” resource with twelve students; all of them were baptized at the completion of the material.

Discipleship Ministry

Discipleship Ministry

On base, we have 15 students living together in community. The vision and mission statement for the base is to establish a culture in Cambodia that represents Jesus. The primary focus of our “Jesus Community” is to love God first then to love others before we love ourselves. We meet every night to study the Bible and to have fellowship with each other. We have just finished the New Testament and we now studying Genesis.

Church Planting & Evangelism

Church Planting & Evangelism

We have several church plant locations that we visit once a month to share the gospel and to have a children ministry and medical ministry service. We believe it is important to have the Khmer people doing mission and serving their own people instead of Americans or Koreans, especially as we intentionally involve ourselves in church plants and mission work in Kampong Charm, Prey Veng and Kampot Province.

Community Development
We do medical service for our neighbor or villages and after school for impoverished families. We also help a primary school in a poor area of a village with a fresh drinking water project.

Orphanage Ministry

We are serving the Center of Peace Orphanage and do our best to meet the needs of the children. We have a strong relationship with the children and the staff. We provided supplies for their Christmas celebration and also let a mission team serve the kids in fellowship and teaching the Word. We also worked together to serve the New Life Orphanages with the globalX teams that come to Cambodia.

Who are you working with?

We are working with local pastors and ministry leaders. We support their ministry and work together for God’s kingdom.

How long have you been there?

We have been serving Cambodia for 3 years since January 2011.


How did you decide to go?

It is not my will that I am in Cambodia but it is truly the Lord’s. I decided to hear and obey Jesus’ Great Commission when my sons reminded me that this calling was not only for the young, but for every disciple of Jesus. This sparked a season of prayer to find out what nation to serve; God impressed to me that Cambodia is where I should go. Although I never met any Cambodian or visited Cambodia, His calling was so strong to us that we knew we had to obey Him. After watching videos about the people in Cambodia, my wife and I felt that each person was individually calling us to serve their nation.

What’s your background?

I was a pastor of a Korean American church in California for 10 years. Prior to that, I was a part of a gospel music mission team and preached the gospel to many people in Korea. After I spent my time in California, I owned a small business in Atlanta for 8 years and became a member of North Point at that time as well.

I grew up in South Korea in a time where the culture and atmosphere were similar to how Cambodia is right now. A lot of people in Cambodia live without experiencing or knowing that there is somebody who loves them and cares for them. I also experienced this same kind of neglect in the past and so this has allowed me to present to Gospel to Cambodians not as western culture, but something that truly exceeds and surpasses it.

What are you goals?

Our mission is to lead people of Cambodia into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. We fulfill this intention with discipleship and intentional fellowship. With the people we disciple and live in community with, we went to support and nurture an environment that looks like Jesus and loves Jesus. By doing this, they will grow as a unified church and also as Cambodian leader faithful to Christ.


There are so many great stories about seeing God’s miraculous power in Cambodia. When we first arrived to Cambodia, we decided to help an orphanage with no food. We withdrew $500 to spend on food for the orphanage but Grace had her purse robbed while riding in a tuk tuk and was hurt as a result of falling off of it. A Buckhead Church small group heard of this news and was able to raise $500 to send to Cambodia almost instantaneously.

It was in this time that Grace began to develop health issues. Grace flew to Korea to have a medical checkup and was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and chose to not have surgery but to seek alternative medicine and prayer. She spent her time flying back and forth from Korea and Cambodia; in the cooler season, she was in Cambodia and spent the hotter months in Korea to avoid the stress and heat of living in hot weather. At one point, the heat was so difficult that Grace had to return to Korea and receive medical attention. At a checkup, the doctors said that they could not find any cancer cells in her body. Although she is still recovering in Korea, God is using this not only as a testament of His power and mercy, but his love for His creation and his intention of true love in marriage.

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